Applied Market Research & Evaluations

Every project poses its own research challenges. Selecting and applying the best approach is key to delivering quality research outcomes.

Global Research staff have experience applying a broad range of methods. We are adept at selecting the best research method to answer each research question. In many cases we take a mixed method approach, combining more than one approach. 

We use the best in class software for online surveying and quantitative and qualitative analysis. We don't just conduct research, we provide you with deep insights and findings you can action to improve your business or community.  

Our evaluations use scientific research approaches to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of your programme or project. You receive actionable insights which inform your decisions to improve what you deliver for your community or customers.

    Global Research and its research network delivers high quality research and evaluations, based on the best scientific approaches, applied to answering real world questions:

    • Selects the ideal quantitative and/or qualitative method to complete each assignment.
    • Draws on a wide pool of specialist collaborators when required.
    • Is adept at applying a broad range of market research and social science research techniques.
    • Applies the highest quality research software to get the job done efficiently and effectively.
    • Delivers robust, valid and actionable results.


    • You receive high quality efficient results from the latest and best methods.
    • A broad practitioner network gets you the best people when specific expertise is required.
    • Focused project consideration results in selection of quality solutions.
    • You receive the benefits of high quality software tools.
    • When necessary we innovate to create a unique approach.

    Brand awareness studies

    Conjoint analysis and Choice modelling

    Customer experience programme

    Customer satisfaction survey


    Focus groups

    Businesses and organisations can never assume how people will react to products, services or initiatives. Focus groups can quickly provide clear feedback from a group of participants. Group members are encouraged to express their views, and build on or challenge the ideas of others. The group setting means that the results are more than the sum of the parts – sometimes humans just work better in groups. Focus groups truncate the time it takes to find out what your people think and may be the first step and a multi-stage research approach.

    Our skilled focus group moderators and relaxed setting ensures quality discussion is focussed on the topic at hand, including the exploration of new avenues of thinking. All participants are enabled to contribute. Our focus groups generate rich and nuanced ideas as participants build on, oppose, or take ideas in a new direction. This results in valuable information to inform decision-making. Global Research’s facilitation and reporting on focus groups taps the thinking of people who are very important to your success providing you with valuable insights in short timeframes.

    Net promoter score (NPS) surveys and programmes

    Online discussion boards

    Do you want to find out from a community what they think about a particular service, product or proposal but have difficulty contacting them or organising them to meet in a physical location?

    Online discussion boards are a good way to capture ideas from those whose lives are increasingly busy and lived online. For quick and easy feedback from online communities, discussion boards can provide near real-time insights to organisations on an array of topics. When you can’t get the people you need to hear from together in a physical location, don’t let that stop you finding out, let Global Research bring your people together in a virtual space, in their own time. We will then quickly make sense of their ideas, and you can make your next move, confident you have been informed.

    Online focus groups

    You may want to uncover the thoughts of a group of people on a product, service or initiative but you can’t get them physically in the same place at the same time. An online community focus group is the answer. Group members inhabit a virtual space and are encouraged to express their views, and build on or challenge the ideas of others, in the same way that an in-person focus group is conducted. The group setting means that the results are more than the sum of the parts. Online focus groups truncate the time it takes to find out what your people think and saves the expense of transporting everyone to the same place.

    Depending on the topic and the location of participants, Global Research will evaluate whether online focus groups are best for the project. Where this approach is appropriate, online focus groups allow participants to share their views in an online space, enabling response from others. Global Research’s online focus groups eliminate the challenge of face-to-face meetings, and outcomes are reported on quickly, avoiding project delay.

    Phone surveys

    Product or service evaluation

    Do you have the next big thing? Have you invented or innovated to create something new and special? Are you unsure how consumers will respond? Does your product or service need a ‘tweak’? Global Research can market test your idea before commercial release. We can find out if consumers are going to react in the way that you predict and you can make modifications prior to an expensive first production run or service roll out.

    We will design the best approach and deploy the best analysis method to test your product or service. Focus groups, panels, workshops, design test-labs can gather important insights for your product or service, from future customers or users. Product or service evaluations will ascertain customer perspectives on form, functionality, design or any number of factors you desire feedback on. 

    Product testing in international markets

    Semi structured interviews

    Do you need to hear from individuals what they think in depth on an issue, product or service? Semi-structured interviews are a good way to get a deep understanding or explore a topic. Sometimes people share more in a one-on-one conversation than they do in a group, or they may be experts with unique ideas that warrant deeper exploration. 

    Semi-structured interviews follow a set list of questions that are adapted to the flow of the conversation and the topics the interviewee raises. Global Research is not only adept at designing good questions and interview flow, but also conducting interviews. Trust Global Research to understand your topic or issue, design an informative set of questions and conduct a series of interviews that gains for you comprehensive understanding, communicated to you in a user-friendly report.

    Workshop design facilitation and analysis

    You may have identified issues or topics that you want a particular community or group to comment on. An investigation using multiple exercises, so all participants have the opportunity to express their ideas in the manner that best suits them may be the best approach. A workshop series may be the most efficient way to capture the information you need from your community of interest.

    Global Research designs workshops which enable investigation and probing of issues and topics from multiple angles. Global Research designs, facilitates and analyses findings from workshops to deliver comprehensive and robust results. Allow Global Research to custom-design workshops for you which provide multiple information capture approaches, in the best manner for your audience and the information you seek.