Public Engagement & Qualitative Analysis of Text

Many organisations want to know what people think and why. Written ideas are often the most informative - but they can be a challenge to analyse.

Sometimes organisations are confronted with more written text or other non-numeric (audio, video) data than they can make sense of, but require immediate answers. Information overload, and not knowing how to get the best outcome, can result in feeling out of control.

Global Research analyses copious amounts of written information in short time-frames, using proven qualitative analysis techniques and software tools - we get control back, and turn your information into insight. We expertly use NVivo - the gold standard in qualitative analysis software. We pass the benefits of our skills and the software we purchase over to our clients.

When you need more than long lists of quotes, sentiment analysis, superficial summaries or written ideas converted to summary excel charts, talk to us. If your current research provider is using excel to analyse qualitative data (written text), please get in touch - you are missing out on valuable insights and wasting your time and money.  

Global Research delivers comprehensive analysis of copious and/or complex information, producing balanced, thorough and independent insights:

  • Applies systems, techniques and innovation to deliver detailed analysis.

  • Reads and organises each comment using purpose-built, best in class, qualitative analysis software - NVivo.

  • Performs under pressure and delivers on time.

  • Includes and considers every piece of information, no matter how it is captured.

  • Uncovers the most common and important themes, topics, ideas and opinions from diverse and sometimes conflicting information.

  • Identifies the areas of agreement, and defines the parts disagreed on.

  • Quantifies the strength of opinions.

  • Finds those one-off gems.

  • Presents ideas in insightful, easily understood customised reports.


  • Clients receive fast and comprehensive analysis, even when faced with copious, diverse and complex information.

  • Independent, transparent analysis and reporting increases public confidence and provides new perspectives.

  • Your staff continue in their core roles, while Global Research completes the analysis 'heavy lifting' and provides high quality reports.

  • Our reputation, having completed some of the largest projects in Australasia, gives authority to your findings and final project.

Service desciptions

Consultation submission analysis

Public consultation can garner many, often lengthy, submissions, and it can be difficult to manage all the information received in order to gain a thorough understanding of the most important issues, and what people think on those issues. Also, it can be difficult to understand how groups (business-owners, residents, visitors) differ in their opinions. Add the diversity of responses, from professional submissions to grass-roots local communities and making sense of everything can be a challenge.

Our staff read all submissions, analysing them to identify all themes, topics and opinions, then report comprehensive findings back to your organisation. We ensure that the relative importance of each issue (as evidenced by the weight of opinions) is reported clearly so everyone can get an accurate understanding of what submitters think. Our experience and independence gives you and your stakeholders confidence in the results.

Open-ended question answer anlaysis

When organisations ask open-ended questions of stakeholders to inform their decision-making, responses can be lengthy and numerous, and cannot be accurately conveyed by sample quotes or lists. Collating and grouping topics using thematic analysis is a much more informative approach, when seeking to understand what customers, citizens or stakeholders are saying. 

Organisations who don’t have the time or capacity to analyse comments totalling thousands of words can get meaningful insights by deploying the Global Research team. We thoroughly consider every answer, complete thematic analysis and present findings in written reports supported by visualisations and infographics. You very quickly find out what everyone thinks on the questions you consider important.

Public engagement submission analysis

When you have collected written ideas, comments or submissions during a public engagement project and need analysis to gain a thorough understanding of the opinions expressed, including the most significant and contentious issues, Global Research can help.

We collate, read and thematically analyse all the data received during community engagement/consultation projects. Our thematic analysis and reporting identifies what contributors think about all issues discussed, identifying the most commented on, most dividing and areas of common thinking. Our qualitative analysis is comprehensive and thorough, including all feedback, no matter how it is collected, down to those one-off ideas that may be the game changer for your project. Our experience and independence gives you and your stakeholders confidence in the results.

Qualitative research and analysis

When you pursue a deep understanding of why people have particular opinions, or you seek new and enlightening ideas, qualitative methods are the most effective. Whether it be focus groups, semi-structured interviews, online platforms or open-ended survey comments, thoughts need to be effectively collected and analysed so that other peoples’ ideas can inform your thinking. If you need to capture and analyse the ideas of your customers, community, stakeholders or even your own staff we are here to help.

A qualitative research approach collects non-numeric data in verbal, visual or written formats and presents it thematically, so that ideas and meaning can be extracted. We turn reams of ideas into concise and easy-to-access reports. Our team presents the ideas we uncover in easily-digested and actionable formats. At Global Research we use specialist software, NVivo, to assist with analysis. We are able to quickly and efficiently manage opinions and ideas, and can run queries relating to particular contributor variables. Modern presentation approaches are used to complement our thematic analysis, such as visualisations, data models and infographics. 

Social media analysis

Many organisations seek social-media comments from a range of platforms, but don’t make full use of this free insightful information. They may not be aware that thematic analysis can provide deep insights or don’t know how to extract informative meaning. People who communicate about your business via Facebook, TripAdvisor, LinkedIn or Twitter provide a wealth of valuable insights about your business or organisation. The information sits dormant, waiting to inform your organisation on what your customers are thinking. 

Our thematic analysis is the process of garnering meaning from text. We explore ideas for key themes, going beyond simple word searches or sentiment analysis which can be blunt, partially-informative and misleading. Global Research completes social media thematic analysis for organisations so that they don’t have to trawl through reams of pages to find out what people are thinking, and end up confused. Mining that data in a systematic and thorough way using humans, not robots, can reveal insights which are valuable and potential game-changers for your business or organisation.