Survey Design & Data Analysis

Online surveying at home, work or on the move has made it easier to access large audiences. Free survey software has put the power of surveying in the hands of everyone. But the requirements of designing quality surveys hasn't changed – questions and formats need to be well-designed in order to collect reliable, unbiased and informative information, and robust analysis is essential. 

We use Qualtrics online survey software, and pass the benefits of the tool used by 99 of the 100 top business schools over to our clients.

Global Research applies its quality tools, skills and experience to get the information needed to answer critical questions:

  • We have access to 10 million survey panelists in over 40 countries - talk to us when you want to know what key markets think about your products.
  • Draws on well-founded techniques and vast experience.
  • Designs functional and attractive on-line and mobile surveys.
  • Collects the information that is needed, whether through sophisticated techniques such as conjoint experiments or well crafted open-ended questions - often we do both.
  • Applies appropriate statistical and qualitative analysis.
  • Prepares easily understood reports that inform evaluations and decision making.


  • Efficient, unbiased, user-friendly information collection which reinforeces to customers/citizens that you seek answers to critical questions and take their opinions seriously.
  • Qualtrice survey software creates precise surveys for all devices.
  • Confidence in the validity, accuracy and insights of results.