Christchurch City Waterways Survey

If you have recently received a postcard regarding a Christchurch Waterways survey, this is where you complete it.

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Improving the quality of our waterways is a priority for Christchurch City Council and a requirement of the Environment Canterbury Land and Water Regional Plan. This is not something that can be achieved by stormwater treatment infrastructure alone.  So, the Council is proposing a community water partnership programme focused on educating, engaging and empowering communities to help stop contaminants getting into stormwater.

This survey is the first step in that process. It will help us identify and understand what motivates people, the barriers to people taking action and the emotional triggers that prompt change. 

Survey Terms & Conditions

  • All responses will be stored on a secure database
  • Responses will only be used for the purposes of this survey
  • Information provided will not be shared with a third party
  • Only aggregated results will be released, individuals will not be identifiable.