The Global Research Team

The Global Research team is a collective of academically qualified, highly skilled, passionate qualitative and quantitative researchers. We are grounded in a diversity of social science disciplines which ensures rigor and enables our global perspective approach to problem solving and project delivery. We are devoted to staying up to date with new technology and research techniques.

Global Research team members have diverse personal experiences and backgrounds, with travel being a common interest. That diversity and enjoyment of life and people enhances our research.

Patrick's leadership style has been refined by successfully executing a broad range of research projects, sometimes in uniquely challenging circumstances. The Global Research team is driven by integrity and delivering high quality ethical research.

For each Global Research project we form the most appropriate team, based on the needs of the project and the skills and experience of our personnel.

Patrick O’Neill

Managing Director

Patrick Manages the Global Research team. Over the last 15 years he has completed a vast range of projects and gained broad experience, with large fast moving public engagement projects being the most prominent in recent times.

Recent projects Patrick has completed with the GR team have included Christchurch post earthquake and international projects for organisations such as: City of Melbourne; Copenhagen based Gehl Architects; Toronto’s 8-80 Cities; Christchurch’s City Council; Christchurch’s Copthorne Hotel Commodore; The New Zealand Government’s Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA); and Lincoln University.

Patrick has worked in private business, university and government (central, local) research roles and has managed projects for a diverse range of organisations. Patrick’s undergraduate degree was in English Literature and his sociology based Masters was in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management.

Jeanine Marriott-O’Neill


Jeanine is our highly qualified and experienced company director. She draws from her undergraduate double major in psychology and sociology and post graduate qualifications in teaching, commerce, career and life counselling along with professional experience in Asia, Europe and Australasia.

Jeanine’s vast experience and holistic world view brings new insights and guidance to project planning and execution. She also has significant input into Global Research’s strategic direction and internal management and culture.

Michelle Marquet

Senior Researcher

Michelle has a colourful academic and professional background with a double degree in Law and Science and a Masters in Resource Studies with first class honours. A common thread through her studies as well as her interests is social wellbeing. Michelle works on a broad range of projects including the large post-quake citizen engagement analysis as well as evaluations and social media analysis.

Michelle leads a very full life away from Global Research, she is a fitness instructor and has recently become a new Mum.

Kathy Kise


Kathy brings twenty years’ of contract negotiation experience for large US companies and with that a wealth of business and organisational knowledge, and a focus on precision and accountability.

Kathy has been a part of many Global Research projects over the last couple of years and specialises in applying her attention to detail and ear for participants’ voices to ensuring contributors are heard throughout our qualitative reports.

Currently Kathy, our multi-talented and highly skilled painter, has turned her attention to completing her PhD researching post-earthquake relationships within government, community and education at Lincoln University. This follow’s Kathy’s undergraduate English degree with Honours and Post Graduate Diploma in Social Science.

Megan Apse


Megan is currently in the research phase of a Master's degree in Applied Science at Lincoln University, which complements her professional interest in qualitative research and in writing. Megan has experience as a content-writer, in assistant teaching roles at a tertiary level, as an Employment Consultant and in a number of volunteer and community roles. 

Megan previously enjoyed learning about people and the world by directly experiencing it through independent travel. Recently, a more theoretical approach to learning has seen Megan develop an interest in social theory, which she has undertaken in an academic setting. She has a bachelors degree from the University of Canterbury, and a Post-graduate Diploma in Social Sciences (with distinction) from Lincoln University.

Elizabeth Hayman


Elizabeth has a commerce background having completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree with a double major in marketing and supply chain management. She has an interest in marketing and is soon to complete her post graduate study with a Masters of global business and marketing. Elizabeth has recently joined the team and her management and marketing knowledge will be put to good use on future business projects.

Elizabeth is a highly successful sportswoman, having represented provincial netball teams and was a member of the New Zealand’s Under 21 world youth cup squad.

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