Global Research designs, executes and communicates high quality applied market research, and social research, to deliver the outcomes our clients seek.

We start by understanding your market research or social research questions, then apply the most appropriate quantitative and qualitative research methods to answer them.

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What is your research need?

Global Research is an applied market research company which provides high quality, client focused, quantitative and qualitative research for businesses, government and public organisations to support well-informed decision making.

We have been operating since 2002.

Our talented and highly qualified market researchers have a broad range of market research and social research skills and experience. We understand client needs, select and apply the best approach, and use market leading software to deliver the highest quality outcomes.

Our research is based on sound application of both quantitative and qualitative market research, social research and evaluation methods.  Recent Christchurch experience illustrates that we have the ability to deliver the highest quality outcomes in the most trying of circumstances.

Global Research undertook the large piece of work in a professional and collaborative manner. Members of the Citizens Jury have found the products produced by Global Research integral to their deliberations.

The speed and quality at which Global Research produced its work reflected the quality of their capabilities.
— Anthony Cussen, Senior Project Officer, City of Melbourne - Future Melbourne 2026
Patrick and his team were able to analyse, qualify and quantify all of our public comments in a very quick manner, presenting a final product that was well received and easy to understand by senior management, the public and decision makers.
— Jeremy Bouw, Divisional Strategist, City of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada - Integrated Movement Study, Mobility Playbook